Saturday, 27 April 2013

Angel Whispers Pop Out Tutorial


To make this popout A5 card you need to Print the following.

I printed everything onto light printable card  160gsm

3 Borderless A4 Landscape sheets of backing papers in coordinating designs

 (A tutorial for borderless printing is available on the Crafters Companion web site, even if you cannot do borderless printing it will show you how to reduce the white edges. You will need to trim off any white edges and adjust the size of your card accordingly) Borderless Tutorial

1 sheet of Card Companions

1 sheet of Sentiments

2 sheets of Borders

1 sheet of Tags

1 sheet of Ribbons

1 A5 insert with verse

I also used

Coordination card

Lace and Ribbon for trimming tag.

Stickles glitter

Using the A4 card you want for the outside score for a A5 card and fold in half .

Do the same with the card you have chosen for the inside of the apeture. Score on the wrong side.

 Now take the card that you have chosen for the pop out.

Score on the front for a A5 card as before.

Then on the reverse side score both sides for a gatefold card.

Fold so that yours looks like the ones below.

Depending on what shape you have chosen for your Card Companion you need to cut an apeture from the pop out sheet. I used a Diesire die laid halfway across the fold.

The apeture needs to be slightly bigger than the topper.

There are several apeture shapes on the Ultimate Pro which you can use.

Cut out the apeture carefully keeping the piece whole as you are going to need it later.

Assembling the card

Lay the open card base front side down on to your mat.

Take your apeture lining card which you scored in half.

Stick the lefthand side onto the base card with a wet glue, I used collal all purpose as you need to be able to move the card to get a perfect fit.

Once this dries it strengthens your card.


You are now ready to attach the apeture piece.

Open the card so that the lining paper is facing up.

Stick the two outside sections, making sure you match the edges.

Again I use wet glue so that I can move the card around but it is important that you remember only glue the outside panels and do them one at a time.


Fold the insert in half and then try for size in the back section of the card.  Trim if necessary.  Stick in place.

On the plain side Stick the aperture you cut out and put one of the small toppers on, add a bow if you wish.


Making the hanging decoration.

 Take the large topper and mat onto Coordinations or as I did cut a smaller shape using a die and stick this on the back of the topper.

Cut a piece of ribbon to suspend the decoration on and stick it to the back using the small topper.

Suspend the decoration from the centre bend in the card.

Decorate the inside panels as required with,  borders, ribbons, sentiments etc

Now complete the front of the card.

I cut the circle mats from the square design, then folded over top.

I stuck this to the bottom corner to form a pocket, so make sure you only put glue near the curved edges.

Mat the tag and any sentiments that you want to use onto Coordinations card.

Trim around them with decorative scissors. Position as required.

Decorate the tag with ribbon and lace, I added stickles glitter to the tag and large topper.
Trim with embellishments. Your card is now complete.

 I hope you enjoy making this card, it's one of my favourite designs.
The gallery below shows other versions  I have made using this design.
Happy Crafting   
Margaret xx
 Frou Frou CD


Angelica and Friends Luxury Card Kit


Winter Paintbox Poppets CD

Monday, 22 April 2013

Leann's Toilet Bag Step by Step Instructions.

This is the bag I made for Leann Chivers when she launched the Frou Frou Collection.
Many of you requested instructions to make your own.......So here they are.

You may have heard Leann talk about "My Louise " Louise Welsh her friend of many years (and now mine) who also works at Crafters Companion. I created a second version of the bag for her, to prepare the step by step instructions, but you can design your own by choosing different papers and toppers.

You will need.....

A piece of light coloured cotton fabric big enough to cut out at least 5 A4 sheets.
3 sheets of Fabric Transfer Inkjet Paper
(If you are not using Serif to create the front, you will need an extra sheet to print a topper)
14 inch zip
Bias binding

Lace and Ribbon for trimming  
First we need to do the printing.
Serif Version   

Choose A4 Landscape Layout
        Page 1
Drag a background onto the layout.
From the embellishment section chose a topper and drag onto the page and resize as desired.
Place this about an inch from the top.
Add any other items and any text.
Remember group the text as soon as you insert it, so that you can resize easily
You now need to flip the text so that it prints correctly onto the transfer paper.If you have chosen a backing paper with text you will also need to flip that as well.
(Click the text then on the righthand side on the arrange tab choose the icon  that looks like two sails. Text should be reversed. )
 Once you are happy with the layout Save.
Insert a  Page 2
Drag the same background onto the layout.
      Print 1 copy of page 1 and 2 copies of page 2

Remember you are printing onto the plain side of the paper so make sure your paper is inserted into the printer correctly.
Printing from the CD
        Print 3 pages of A4 landscape backing paper.
            Print the topper page you have chosen.
If you have added text or chosen a paper with text you will need to go to the properties section when you click print and find your mirror option, this reverses everything so that when ironed onto your fabric it comes out the right way.

You are now ready to transfer the images onto the fabric.
Follow the instructions on the Transfer Paper but it is important that you do not remove the paper until the fabric has cooled as when it is still warm the image will lift from the fabric.
Cut around the pages leaving a 5/8 border for the seams.
(Non Serif version.) Cut out your chosen topper.
Cut a further piece the same width but long enough to fold up to make the pockets.

Turn over one edge and make a hem. Then decide how wide you want the pockets and stitch down towards the fold.Stitch a 1/4 inch seam down both sides to hold in place.   Press flat.
Now with the right side of the fabric facing the right side of the zip stitch a 1/4 inch seam. The zip should overhang the edge.Do both sides.

Now attach the pocket to the back section. 
Right side of the bag facing the right side of the pockets.
Stitch along the zip seam line.

Turn over the top of each side enclosing the edge of the zip in the flap so that you have a neat top. The pocket section should now be on the inside.
Stitch along the top to form a tuck either side of the zip as shown below.
If you have a seperate topper (non Serif version ) position on the front section not too low or it will end up on the bottom.
If you are adding lace around the topper do this now as it will be easier to stitch.

With right sides together stitch a 5/8 seam along the bottom.Trim one edge down to 1/4 inch.Turn under the other edge and stich along fold.                                                                                           

Cut 2 side pieces from the remaining A4 piece.    
 4 1/2 inches wide.

With wrong sides together centre the side piece against the bottom seam.    As the picture shows stitch a 5/8 th seam across the bottom but leave a 5/8 gap each side.

Snip the seam where the stitching stops then pin the seams up both sides. Before you stitch the side seams you need to shorten the side pieces. Turn the top over about 1/2 inch below the zip. Trim off the excess and stitch a hem. Now stitch the side seams.


Trim the seam down to 1/4 inch and machine the bias around the seam. I stitched mine on the outside and slip hemmed it on the inside

Fold over the bias tape at the top to neaten the edge. Finish the bag by making a pocket for the end of the zip and thread a length of ribbon through the tag, either tie a knot or stitch together. this will make it easier to pull .

I hope I have made the instructions clear enough and you are able to make your own version of Leann's bag.
I'd love to see your finished results


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Frou Frou Step by Step Guide for the Cushion Cover.

Before I was bitten by the papercrafting bug, sewing was my hobby so it was lovely to be able to combine the two with this project.I was really delighted with the response that I received to the cushion I made for the recent Frou Frou Pick of the Week. Leann Chivers asked me if I would do a step by step as so many of you had asked for details...... so here it is.

 This is the cushion I made for the shows.

This is the one I made for the step by step guide. You of course can use any of the images on the Frou Frou digikits to get a totally unique design.

What you will need:-

Frou Frou Serif Digi Kits   Buy Here

2 pieces of cotton fabric 17 inches square

4 pieces of Lace 17 ½ inches wide.    This lace should be 4 inches wide if possible with an edge to slot ribbon through. If not you will also 4 pieces if inch wide slotted lace. I used Broderie Anglaise for my cushions.

Ribbon for threading and for the bow.

Fabric transfer inkjet paper Shop here

10 inch zip.

Pieces of lace for trimming if required.

 To print your design.

Open up your Craft Artist programme    Available here

Choose Blank project

Choose 8x8 Scrapbook page.

Load Frou Frou Digi Kits.

Choose a square design; Drop it onto your page and stretch to fill the whole page.

You can of course make your own design and add text. Remember if you add text you will need to use the arrange tab on the right-hand side to flip image and text horizontally so that when ironed onto fabric the text will be correct way.

Print page onto Transfer paper. Make sure you insert it the right way for your printer, you print onto the plain side.

To Make Cushion

With right sides together stitch a 5/8 seam from each side leaving a 10 inch gap for the zip.

Open out the fabric and press the seams open.

Stitch in your zip.


Join the 4 pieces of lace together with a 5/8 seam at a 45degree angle. (Cut a square of card the depth of the lace fold diagonally corner to corner, this can be laid against the join to give the 45 degree angle. The top edge should be the widest.)

Trim seam to ¼ inch, overlock if you can to prevent fraying.  Make sure you trim seam so that it doesn’t show in the corner. Press seam to one side.

Open up the fabric right side facing up.

Position your square of lace on one side, it should overlap the edges.

Stitch in place on the inside edge.
If you are adding extra slotted lace for the ribbon it should be added now.

Now fold the lace towards the centre and with right sides facing pin and stitch the remaining 5/8 seams on the other 3 sides. Make sure you do not catch the lace in the seam.

Trim seam allowance across the 4 corners to make it easier to get sharp corners. Go close but do not cut through the stitching.
Turn cushion right-side out and press.
Catch the 4 corners to the seams of the lace to hold the outside edge of the lace in place.
You are now ready to add the design that you have chosen.
Trim around the picture leaving an excess of about ¼ inch.
Following the instructions on the transfer paper place your design face down in the centre of your lace square and iron onto cushion.
Thread ribbon through the slotted lace, start where you would like the bow to be.
Tie the bow with the extra ends.
Add the extra lace if required.

I hope that you are able to follow these instructions and will produce a cushion to be proud of. I will be watching for your creations to appear on the Crafters Companion Facebook pages.
The step by step for Leann's bag is almost ready so will be published soon.
Thanks for popping by and Happy Crafting/Sewing
Margaret xx